Carpet Installation

1. How to calculate wastage for carpet installation?

Generally speaking, we would include around 5% extra of the total carpet quantities as wastage for plain color of carpet tiles and wall-to-wall carpet under the condition of a plain rectangular or square-shaped floor plan; for the axminster carpet, we would include around 10~20% of wastage for it but it also depends on the repeat size of each carpet pattern and the shape of floor plan.

2. Is it possible to pick specific color for carpet tiles?

The quantities of carpet tiles required to reach is at least 500-1000 square metres in order to pick your specific carpet color; otherwise, clients can only pick and choose color from our current stock.。

3. Is it possible to pick specific color and design for Axminster carpet and 100% New Zealand wool handmade carpet? What is the minimum order quantities?

Whether there is minimum order quantities for Axminster carpet or the possibility to choose specific color for manufacturing depends on the actual quantities needed by clients and it varies cases by cases. However, there are no minimum order quantities for handmade carpet. Also, since handmade carpet is custom-made to each and every client, the pattern, color chosen and size required are totally up to clients.

4. Would the installation charges be the same for day-time and night-time?

No, the starting time for night-time carpet installation is from 6pm, however, the finalized quotation varies from cases to cases and therefore it is highly recommended for clients to consult our staff for night-time installation charges.

5. How to solve the problem of the height difference between the carpet and connecting floor?

If the carpet is connecting the marble floor, we would use gripper to protect the edges of the carpet; we would use metal moulding to rectify the height difference between carpets.

Carpet gripper

Carpet metal moulding



6. Are there any carpet cleaning services after installation?

There would be service charges to carpet vacuum cleaning and steam cleaning, however, the finalized quotation varies from cases to cases and therefore it is highly recommended for clients to consult our staff for such charges.

7. Is it possible to choose specific carpet installation method? Does it have to be monolithic?

Yes, it can be monolithic or quarter turn as following:


8. Is there any free carpet samples for customers to choose?

Yes, customers are always welcome to visit our showroom on 3/F, Waitex House, 7-9 Mongkok Road, Mongkok, Kowloon to have free carpet samples.

9. Do all kinds of carpets have conformed the fire retardant test?

Our products including Axminster carpet, handmade carpet and carpet tiles have all passed the required fire retardant test BS 4790 and have been extensively and generally used in distinctive tender projects, commercial offices and offices in industrial buildings.

10. Is there any difference between using 881 adhesive and BR7533 adhesive for carpet installation?

881 Adhesive is more stinky than BR7533 adhesive and therefore Chung’s have always used adhesive for carpet tiles installation.

881 Adhesive

BR 7533 Adhesive



11. Would there be any service charges for asking staff to have on-the-site measurement?

We would arrange an experienced staff to come to the site to have better measurement of carpet used only when customers need us to install carpet. Such service is free of charge and we could provide the quotation after calculating carpet wastage.

Carpet Cleaning

1. Can general stains including coffee stains be completely removed after your cleaning service?

The dirt on the carpet including the red wine spots, tea stains and coffee stains cannot be thoroughly removed, we could only make the dirt less obvious.

2. Will it be very noisy when carpet cleaning is taking place?

Yes, since our company uses the cleaning machine with greater horsepower, it will be noisier than other cleaning machines. Therefore we advise people to be away from the site when carpet cleaning is taking place.

3. How long does it take for normal office carpet cleaning? How long do clients to wait until the carpet is completely dried after such cleaning?

It depends on the carpet cleaning area and the ventilation on the site.


Carpet cleaning duration

Carpet drying time (with air-conditioning on the site)

Below 1,000 S/F

Around 1 hour

Around 1-1.5 hours

1,000 S/F ~ 2,000 S/F

Around 1.5 hours

Around 2 hours

3,000 S/F ~ 4,000 S/F

Around 2 hours

Around 2 hours

5,000 S/F ~ 6,000 S/F

Around 3 hours

Around 2-3 hours

7,000 S/F ~ 8,000 S/F

Around 3.5 hours

Around 3-4 hours

4. Is there any exterminating pests or lice effect after the cleaning service?

It can prevent lice and insects from breeding after the cleaning service.

5. What is the difference between Chung’s carpet cleaning machine and counterparts’ carpet cleaning machine?

Chung’s has purchased the vapor machine from the US to dry clean the carpet, it possesses 4 horsepower. It first scrubs the carpet under great steam force, then uses the technique of vacuuming sucking all moistures from the wet carpet at the same time, thus making the cleaning process three-in-one to enhance the cleaning effect. However, comparing to other cleaning machines, they normally use wax-polishing machine to clean carpet and such machine does not dry-clean the carpet at the same time, thus trapping the water in the carpet base and deteriorating the life span of the carpet.

6. Will there be cleaning service at home?

Yes, there will be.

7. Will there be to-the-site collecting and returning carpet for such cleaning service?

There will be to-the-site collecting and returning carpet as long as it is a carpet rug. Yet, it needs at least 7-10 working days (depends on the weather that time) after collecting your carpet for returning.

8. What kinds of carpet cleaning can Chung’s provide to clients? Does it cover domestic carpet cleaning too?

Chung’s provides cleaning services from eateries, restaurants, hotels to commercial offices. Chung’s also only offers domestic carpet cleaning services as well, but it won’t include kitchen stove cleaning, ceiling and wall cleaning etc.

9. What information do clients need to provide to Chung’s when they are asking for carpet cleaning quotation?

Clients are required to provide the estimated carpet cleaning area, carpet material and carpet photos for quotation, if clients cannot provide the estimated carpet cleaning area, we can arrange our experienced staff to have on-the-site measurement (such service is free of charge).