Hong Kong Airport Projects


In 2008, Chung’s Carpet Development Co., Ltd. was successfully awarded the Hong Kong International Airport Carpet Project, the scope of the project includes Airport Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Departure Lobby, Departure Hall, Waiting Area and Satellite Building, etc., so far the total area of the project has more than 240,000 square meters. In order to cooperate with the 24-hour busy operation in every area of the airport, the characteristics and features of our carpet are also inevitable to be neglected. Fire prevention, environmental protection, easy cleaning, durability and easy replacement are all very important, this makes Ax-minster Carpet the best choice. The quality of carpets not only being approved the Airport Authority's quality requirements, and the quality certification is also more in line with international recognition, the production process is also very rigorous, from product design - manufacturing model - provide customers with choice and confirmation - and then products Production process - spinning yarn - dyeing yarn - color contrast - drying and production of weaving, and so on, the entire process is monitored by computer to ensure the quality has hundred percent of stability. So far our scope of business continues to expand to different projects and in different places.